About Me

Jill Westen has an MFA in Fiction from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop (aka The Program in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa) and a Master of Library Science from UW-M. She is currently a librarian at Wartburg College.

Indian classical music spoke to me the first time I heard it as a teenager. My sister loaned me a cassette tape of a sitar performance so that I could complete a paper for a history class. In all my years of Western classical music training in piano, choir, and band, I had never been exposed to something that danced on this other side of consciousness–danced and pulled on your mind to come, too. Later, in a college world music class, I saw a clip of my first Bollywood movie, and I haven’t looked back since.

I am not a professional scholar on this topic. Please see my “Resources” page for great sources to use for your school paper! This is an informal resource meant for librarians.

Images: I created all the images for this site except for the film covers used in each review. When working with the images in Photoshop for the main header, I used images found on the website stock.exchange, a free non-copyrighted image site. The photo on this page, in this page’s header, and in the background of the site are my own.

Bollywood Proposal: In 2010, I wrote a proposal for funding for the development of a Bollywood film collection at the university library for which I worked. This proposal was granted, and in the summer of 2010, patrons will be be able to check out over 50 newly-acquired Bollywood films, which together represent some of the best Bollywood has to offer.

Published Articles: Right now, the only real scholarly article that addresses Bollywood and libraries is Hoffheimer’s 2006 article “Bollywood Law: Commercial Hindi Films with Legal Themes” (Law Library Journal 98.1, pgs 61-79), which only covers Bollywood films that have to do with law. Maybe someday there will be more! In the meantime, let’s learn the choreography from this song:


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