Janavak: Folk Dances of India (2000)

Insight Media (click on Dance and then World Dance)

Video source: darpanajanvak.blogspot.com. This is not a clip from the video itself.

This is part of a series of reviews for research into the dance of Bollywood films.

If you are interested in analyzing the folk dances of India to seek their influence on Bollywood choreography, this is the best source you will be able to find short of visiting India and seeing the folk dances live (which may in any case be impossible due to the dwindling of dancers and native knowledge of the dances). The Janavak company of India performs dances from many areas of India with appropriate musical accompaniment. The voiceover narration is invaluable in describing the characteristics and meanings of the dances. If you have seen many Bollywood films, you will recognize many of the movements from many famous song sequences.

Rating: (5 Tuffys)

Library Collection: While the price tag may turn you off from purchasing, I encourage you to make the investment if you are studying this topic or if your library supports a large dance research facility. Insight Media is one of the few high-quality documentary subject film producers still in existence.


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